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How to shop
efairshop / 2010-06-17

 Why shop @efairshop

We at Efairshop strive to be your most reliable and trusted partner. Our key business tenet lies in working for the welfare of customers instead of purely profits. All of us at Efairshop are committed to building hospitable and harmonious care centers for the elderly whose children are unable to look after them owing to the lack of time or finances.
Efairshop is one of the largest online shopping mall in Singapore. We provide online wholesale at  and retail service at . Founded by a local company, GianTech Pte Ltd, our headquarters are located in Singapore. Currently we have four branches in China: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yiwu and Wuhan, and we are still expanding...
We offer quality assurance along with the lowest price and fast deliveries. Why do we do so? As a local company in Singapore, we base our business on credit and trust while adding value to our customers!

Efairshop service:

1. Online sales: A large variety of consumables are available for bulk purchase or retail order. Products include kids' apparels, ladies' likes, men's favorites, household necessities, office essentials, computer accessories, digital peripherals and so on. All our products are quality-proven, and our suppliers are strictly audited by our professional teams.
2. Agent service: We outsource, customize and purchase products from China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and transport the products to your company or your desired destinations in Southeast Asia, China, India, or any other place in the world. Our professional teams ensure that all the products meet your requirements in not only good quality but also in guaranteed delivery time at the lowest cost.
3. Marketing service: You are warmly welcome in joining and authorizing us to sell your products to customers in Singapore, China, India and the rest of the world. Our professional teams and online sales website will be a great value-added platform for you to expand your business to the world market at negligible costs along with guaranteed security. We protect you from business scams and frauds along with unwanted huge sourcing and marketing costs.

Confidential of customer informations

Efairshop will not use our members' information for any purpose other than the provision of services from Efairshop. Efairshop will not disclose any information to a third party without the member's consent with the exception of such information being required by the Singapore government or laws.

Free of Member fee__free forever

There is no charge for the registration. The member fee is zero dollars forever

Only an individual of 14 years old and above, or a business entity (comprising of an individual or a corporation) is eligible for Membership. The Member shall be solely responsible for the management and protection of the user ID and password and under no circumstances is the member allowed to transfer account access to a third party or let others use his/her user ID or password.

How to Rigister

The registration process is very simple. Please feel free to call our hotline for assistance if you have any problem or require any information. There are two ways to register as a user at Efairshop:
1. Click "Join Free" to register 
After you click "Join Free", the "registration" page appears. Input your "Username" (login ID), "Password", and "email address", following which, click "Register". You are now a member of Efairshop! Your username is the only login ID; it cannot be changed or canceled once you register.
2. Registering the order placed
Click on Shopping at Efairshop→ Choose your goods→ Continue or click "cart" to check → Click " To settlement" button on the cart page→ Fill in your information to register→ Fill in the delivery and payment information→ Submit your order
You are warmly welcome to be an Efairshop member. Once you become an Efairshop member, you will not only fully enjoy the convenience of online shopping, but also doubling the value of your money in shopping with us. At the same time, you are contributing to the welfare of numerous elderly whom the Efairshop aims to care for.
Efairshop objectives:

- To serve all customers wholeheartedly, warmly and affectionately as we work hard and smart to keep prices to a minimum for our dear customers.
-To provide an outreach to the care for the millions of elderly. We will donate 90% of our profit to building elderly care centers one by one towards a goal of at least 1000. We do this with the aim that millions of elders, no matter poor or rich, can live in our elderly care centers surrounded with of warmth, happiness and dignity. This is our ambition as we believe that this world is full of love. As a shopper, you will not only purchase your needed items at the lowest possible price but also help us in building a lovely world where thousands of elders are taken care by professional Efairshop teams and live in a meaningful and value-added way.

How to order @ Efairshop


Click to shop, and millions of products being displayed on your browser window are just within reach from your fingertips!

Normally, if you spend 100 dollars to buy a good in a shop or super-mart, 30 to 40 dollars goes to the payment for the rental of shop space, and 10 to 20 dollars goes to the salary of the sales personnel. Only 40-50 dollars is left for the value of the good itself. Shop at Efairshop! Double-value your money! At Efairshop, you do not need to pay for the rental of shop space and the salary of sales personnel. You can increase your pocket money by planning smart and shopping smart at Efairshop.

How to order @ Efairshop?

1.Order online
For retail and minor order, please Login to: 
For wholesales or mass order, please Login to: 

2.Order at the Efairshop outlets.
Efairshop outlets are aimed at serving the Singapore consumers directly. At our outlets, you can view and feel the actual products, and can place enquiries or orders on-site.

3.Order by phone
Hot-line: (+65)85115417 85115427 65615389
Please feel free to call us when:
You wish to enquire about the price, delivery time or detailed information of products.
You wish to source for or buy something which needs customization.
You wish to source for or buy something which you could not find at our website.
You wish to source for or buy something which you find is too expensive in other local market(s).
You can place mass orders or special orders. We provide PROFESSIONAL courier service: Sourcing, customizing and purchasing products from China, Hong Kong, or Singapore, and transporting them to your company or your destinations in Southeast Asia, China, India, or any other places in the world. Our professional teams ensure that all the products meet your requirements in not only good quality but also in guaranteed delivery time at the lowest cost.

4. Ordering by Short Messaging Service (sms), email, QQ, Skype or any other means:
Order Lines:
            +65 85115417      
            +65 85115427      
Handphone Message/sms to:
            +65 85115417      
            +65 85115427      
1142599432 or 1256368727
SKYPE: huang_truman

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