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User Agreement
efairshop / 2010-06-17

Welcome to Efairshop Online Shopping Mall:

Efairshop will always be an honest ,supportive and reponsible partner of you. we are working hard not for money or for ourselves BUT FOR MILLIONS OF ELDERS. All of efairshop staffs are aiming to build thousands of lovely and harmony eld-care-centers for millions of elders whose children don't have enough time or money to take care of them.

the interest of Customers is always the FIRST priority of our target.We take all the necessay steps to make sure all the products you purchased are in good quality, and keep on improving our service to let our dear customers really enjoy the convience of clicking to shop and enjoy the happiness feeling that when you spend your precious money, you get not only the goods at the lowest price and in the same time you are doing charity to help elders.

We welcome customers to browse and compare prices. It is important that you go through the policies and understand them before registration. It will help you to understand how Efairshop Online Shopping Mall operates and ensures that we serve you fairly and properly.

The use of this Efairshop Online Shopping Mall is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. By using Efairshop Online Shopping Mall you agree to be bounded by these Terms and Conditions.

Registration term and conditions

Registration is simple and done only by individual shopper. The shopper must provide a unique email and Password. The email and password will be required for login to Efairshop Online Shopping Mall.

Customers must be over 14 years of age, and to ensure all details provided during registration or any other time are correct and complete. Any changes to details provided during registration must be updated by informing Efairshop Online or via our website.
You will be asked to provide a Password upon registration, this Password must be kept confidential and must not be disclosed or shared with anyone. You will be responsible for any purchases and activities that are submitted under this Password.

Efairshop Online Shopping Mall reserves the right to refuse, suspend or terminate registration of individual and corporate member immediately at our discretion.

Although we accept your orders 24 hours a day online or by telephone everyday including weekend or public holiday, our deliveries are available from Mondays to Saturdays, 1030am to 9pm. There will be no delivery on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Deliveries are made on the premise that customers or their representatives will be available to receive their purchases. Should there be any unforeseen circumstances which the customer cannot be present to receive the goods in the requested window, an additional delivery charge of $5 will be imposed for another delivery to be made. If the customer does not want the order anymore, there would be an order cancellation fee of $50. Additional charge will be imposed for the order after unsuccessful first delivery; delivery charges will be the same amount as per initial order delivery.

The customer please kindly check carefully all the items indicated on the invoice before acknowledging delivery. Once invoice is signed, Efairshop Online Shopping Mall will not be held responsible for carton discrepancies after delivery is accepted.

In the event where the customer instructs Efairshop Online Shopping Mall to leave items on the doorstep provided that payment has been made, Efairshop Online Shopping Mall will not be responsible for risks involved after delivery.

All delivery slots are subject to availability. Whilst we try our best to ensure Special Instructions from Customers are followed, we reserve the right not to fulfill any special requests. Charges by our logistics partner will be computed based on the purchase amount. The rates are computed as follow:

Delivery Rate:
Delivery rate is based on the Order Amount and the leadtime is around 3 weeks(detinations:within singapore main land).

$50 and below: S$5 for each delivery

Above $50: free

we'll charge accordingly if customer wants express delivery or the detination is outside of the Singapore mainland.our sales person will discuss with you about the detail delivery arrangement and the freigt cost.

Return and exchange

Although Efairshop is always aiming to provide professional service to meet the customer's requirements, in rare event, some unexpected things may happen. If any product has been delivered in a damaged or defective condition or wrong items delivered, Please kindly contact us by email ( or call us within 2 days @8511 5417 or 8511 5427. Our Efairshop staff will take quick action to contact you and discuss with you how to settle the problem.

If item is damaged, Efairshop Online Shopping Mall reserve the rights to request for photo evidence.

Whilst every effort is made to fulfill orders in terms of price, details and size through the Efairshop Online Shopping Mall, Efairshop Online Shopping Mall expressly reserves the right to vary the price and other details of the Products without notice. As much as Efairshop Online Shopping Mall tries to reflect the actual product size, details and price; Efairshop Online Shopping Mall is not liable for situation when they differ from the actual product.

In circumstances where some Products size and packaging differ from the description found on Efairshop Online Shopping Mall. Efairshop Online Shopping Mall expressly reserves the right to provide the nearest size/packaging for the Product at the nearest price.

In the event of any price differentials between the on-line order billing and the final bill whether arising from substitutions, daily price changes, out-of-stock Products, special price, mislabeling or mispricing etc,Efairshop Online Shopping Mall reserves the right to adjust the final bill after the on-line bill is presented/conveyed to the Customer and such adjustment shall be final.

Efairshop Online Shopping Mall shall not be liable to any Customer/person for any loss, damage incurred or inconvenience suffered in the event Efairshop Online Shopping Mall declines to fulfill an order for whatever reason including but not limited to an unforeseen circumstance (e.g. lack of availability, quantity or specification etc) as the case may be.

The Customer may vary or cancel the order up to the point in time via email before Efairshop Online Shopping Mall processes the order. After which, there would be a cancellation charge of $50 or at least 60% of the order amount imposed for each order cancelled.

No amendment to an order is allowed once order is processed. To add items, kindly create a 2nd order within 48 hours prior to delivery and inform us via email at

In situations of stock unavailability, Efairshop Online Shopping Mall reserves the right to proceed with the order accordingly. Here at Efairshop Online Shopping Mall, we work towards bringing you a wholesome online experience. If any item you have ordered is not in this confirmation, it is with much regret to inform you that it is unavailable. Should there be discrepancies in items received, kindly send us an email at or reach us at our hotline, +65 85115417 85115427 65615389. All issues must be reported within 2 working days of receiving the products.

If there is any changes in delivery address / contact details made between submission of order and delivery date, customers are to update Efairshop Online Shopping Mall at least 24 hours prior to delivery. Should delay of delivery date and time be required, order will be subjected to a surcharge of $ 5.

All amendments if agreed to surcharge or cancellation of deliveries must be confirmed via a reply through email.

Efairshop Online Shopping Mall reserves the right to change the mode or method of payment for Products offered online at any time by announcement via its web-site, email blasts and any other means of public communications.

Variation of Terms and Conditions

Efairshop Online Shopping Mall reserves the right to amend / update the terms and conditions herein at its sole discretion without notice to the Customer.


Efairshop Online Shopping Mall expressly excludes all warranties, descriptions, representations or advice rendered as to the fitness or suitability for any purpose, tolerance to any conditions, similarity to sample, merchantability or otherwise of the Product supplied to the fullest extent permitted by law.

No Agent or representative of Efairshop Online Shopping Mall is authorized to make any warranty, representation or statements given as to the fitness or suitability for any purpose, tolerance to any condition, similarity to sample, merchantability or otherwise of the Product supplied.

Limitation of Liabilities

Efairshop Online Shopping Mall shall not liable for any consequential, indirect or special damages or loss of whatever descriptions. To the extent that Efairshop Online Shopping Mall is liable in contract, tort or otherwise for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from any defect in or or non-compliance of the Product or any other breach of Efairshop Online Shopping Mall's obligations hereunder, such liability shall not in any event exceed an amount equivalent to the price of the Product(s).

Both Efairshop Online Shopping Mall and delivery company will not be held responsible for any damages or loss of products after delivery. The Customer shall not use the Product in any manner and/or for any purpose for which they are unsuited for and shall be responsible for using all necessary skill and care in handling and using the Product. The Customer expressly agrees that Efairshop Online Shopping Mall assumes no obligation or liability for any advice or information given with the Products and Efairshop Online Shopping Mall assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracy or misstatement of any such information. The Customer assumes all risks connected with the use and storage of the Product.

Customer unreservedly acknowledges and agrees that he/she assumes all risk in connection with the use of this site. Efairshop Online Shopping Mall shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or punitive damage or loss of profits or loss of revenue however arising from the use of, access to the site. Without limitation to the foregoing:

This site and all information contained herein is provided on a “as is” without any implied or express warranty including of any implied warranty as to title, quality, merchantability, fitness for purpose, or non-infringement. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Efairshop Online Shopping Mall shall not be liable for any error or omission in the content of the site including any damage or injury arising out of or in connection with any access or use of the site whether such damage/injury is caused by failure of performance, error, omission, defect, delay in operation, computer virus, theft ,strikes,natural dissater and those events which are beyond the control of Efairshop etc.

All offers are subject to availability and while stock lasts.

Efairshop Online Shopping Mall shall not be liable to any Customer for any financial loss arising out of the refusal, cancellation or withdrawal of any order for any reason.

Photograph and images featured on the Efairshop Online Shopping Mall are representation of actual products only and variation may apply from time to time. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that product representation and information are as accurate as possible, Efairshop Online Shopping Mall is not liable should there be any variation to the actual physical products. The rights to the pictures, marks and trademarks in this web site belong exclusively to Efairshop Online Shopping Mall and cannot be reproduced or published in whole or in part without the prior written permission from Efairshop Online Shopping Mall.

Efairshop Online Shopping Mall cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy or omission. Efairshop Online Shopping Mall will attempt its best to fulfill orders placed by shoppers. In the event that an ordered product is not available, Efairshop Online Shopping Mall reserves the right not to replace it with a similar item of equivalent value.

Prices quoted on Efairshop Online Shopping Mall are strictly applicable to this Internet Online Service only and are subjected to change without prior notice. Special offers are valid while stock lasts.

Customers are strongly advised to check the item purchased at the time of acceptance to avoid any possible dispute. All products leaving our distribution centre have been checked for quality and accurate quantity. However, we will replace any defective products that do not meet our customers' expectation.

Whilst all attempts will be made to ensure Efairshop Online Shopping Mall access is available all the time, occasionally the Site may undergo repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new services. Efairshop Online Shopping Mall include links to other websites or materials which are beyond its control.

Efairshop Online Shopping Mall is not responsible for content of any other sites outside the Efairshop Online Shopping Mall

©Efairshop Online Shopping Mall. All Rights Reserved.


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    its good that I can shop online at singapore, its very convenient for me.

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