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Advertising service
Efairshop—Singapore Online Shopping Mall / 2011-02-11

1. The maximum file size allowed for the advertisement is 200KB. Please prepare the promotional pictures and send them to our customer service specialist.
2. We do not provide advertisement previews. The advertisement will only be shown once the payment for it has been made. We do not guarantee the advertisement's click rate. Our prices are fixed and apparent to all.
3. This site does not accept email marketing, embedded trojans, explicit material, advertisement plugins, affiliate advertisements, pop-ups, and induction links. As of present we charge advertisement fees by the month.
4. If any unorthodox advertisement(s) is/are found, and is/are reported to be a fraud or from a fraudulent company, the advertisement will be removed promptly without refund if the advertiser is unable to give a reasonable reply or explanation.
5. We reserve the rights to transfer the existing advertisement slot to other company or individual in the event of your payment not being made in time, even if you have ordered for it verbally.
6. If you wish to continue publicizing your advertisement, please notify us of it at least 7 days before the arranged deadline, along with the advertising fees being paid for in full. We have the rights to remove the advertisement or transfer the existing advertisement slot to others after the arranged deadline without notifying the advertiser.
7. We reserve the right to modify the price, quantity and the rent terms of the advertisement.
8. The business (or non-profit venture) of the advertiser in this site should not be unlawful with respect to the Singapore law, and should not run counter to the morality of Eastern countries. No repulsive and/or fraudulent content can be accepted. We reserve the rights to refuse or suspend the errant advertiser at all times and return the balance.
ADV No. size( pixel) picture format Qty one month three months ADV spec
ADV 1 980px * 74px png/jpg/gif/swf 1 S$ 228 S$ 660  
ADV 2 730px * 420px png/jpg/gif/swf 1 S$ 188 S$ 540  
ADV 3 235px * 122px png/jpg/gif/swf 1 S$ 148 S$ 420  
ADV 4 235px * 283px png/jpg/gif/swf 1 S$ 178 S$ 510  
ADV 5 110px * 200px png/jpg/gif/swf 1 S$ 118 S$ 330  
ADV 6 575px * 200px png/jpg/gif/swf 1 S$ 118 S$ 330  
ADV 7 240px * 120px png/jpg/gif/swf 1 S$ 118 S$ 330  
ADV 8 445px * 300px png/jpg/gif/swf 1 S$ 168 S$ 480  
ADV 9 280px * 300px png/jpg/gif/swf 1 S$ 128 S$ 360  
ADV 10 233px * 122px png/jpg/gif/swf 1 S$ 68 S$ 180  

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